New Jersey State Senator To Re-Introduce Online Gambling Bill

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak will be re-introducing his bill to legalize and regulate intrastate online gambling, according to the website

The bill, which was passed within the legislative branches of the state government only to be vetoed by Governor Chris Christie, will have the ability to ""...pump over $200 million of profits into the casino industry, add tens of millions of dollars to the state treasury and provide a bridge to self-sufficiency for three years through purse enhancements to keep the horse racing industry alive."

Commenting on the horse racing industry is seen as being important, as Peretti Farms, the state's largest standard-bred horse ranch has closed. Currently the horse racing industry is facing the possibility of being closed down, and 13,000 jobs and $1 billion dollars annually are at stake.

“We cannot turn our backs on the horse tracks and casinos which employ thousands of New Jerseyans and generate billions of dollars in economic activity each year,” Lesniak said to “We have to give this industry the tools and support to be relevant in the 21st century, and by authorizing intrastate online betting, we can provide access to a gaming product which other states have yet to capitalize on. We need to act now, before more of our state’s horse farms or casinos close their doors forever.”

Governor Christie vetoed Lesniak's bill earlier in the year because he said the law would be unconstitutional, because the implications were state wide and not limited to Atlantic City, the city that currently holds the state's gambling rights.