Centrebet Potentially Pulling Out Of Markets

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

In a move that took several online casino industry insiders by surprise, Centrebet has announced that affiliates must make drastic changes to advertising, leading many to believe the Australian based company is pulling out of several markets.

There was no reasoning for the surprise communication, which stated that "As of 1st August all advertising outside our core regions must cease". The core regions were defined as being Australia, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, and Norway.

Speculation is running rampant that the reasoning for the restrictions in affiliate advertising is because of Sportingbet plc's agreement to purchase Centrebet for an estimated A$183 million. Once the two companies merge, Sportingbet expects the unified company to yield synergies of roughly A$17 million per year.

The communication sent to affiliates read:

"As of 1st August all advertising outside our core regions must cease.

"This includes all free bets and bonus offers for all products, including sports, racing, casino, poker, games and arcade.

"The core-regions are: Australia, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Norway.

"If your websites are not specifically directed at Australia, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus or Norway, please remove any mention of Centrebet from your sites, this includes text, images or any links.

"Offers in our core-regions of Australia, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Norway will continue to be available as normal."