Betfair Being Blamed For Slow Payment Of Big Win

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Betfair, the UK based online casino and sportsbook is facing scrutiny after a Russian player was told that it may take more than two years to pay out $3.1 million in winnings.

According to a video report on, the Russian player had requested a withdrawal of $3.5 million in February. Over the past five months the player has received $600,000, but the payment may take more than two years to pay out due to restrictions placed on financial transactions.

"The current laws restrict transactions to up to $20,000 US a week. We have been paying $10 - $20,000 weekly via bank wire (we are trying to transfer larger increments soon) and in addition give him cash." wrote a representative from Betfair.

Sports Book Review confirmed that the complaint is indeed legitimate, but Beftair is stating that it has paid the winnings to a payment processor, whose identity was withheld.

The video report referencing this complaint can be viewed in its entirety at:

No further comments from Betfair were able to be obtained concerning this matter. The casino and its payment processor also have not responded to requests to find an alternative solution to the player's plight.

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