Tighter Online Gambling Restrictions In Finland?

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

With a new coalition government, tighter government controls may be coming to online gambling in Finland.

The government has hinted in the past at its intentions to restrict foreign casino operators from doing business in the country, allowing the country's few operators to take a stronghold on the market. RAY executives have stated that government intrusion and restrictive tactics such asdisruption of financial transactions, advertising restrictions, and internet blocking are possible.

According to industry analysts, blocking competition is not good for growth of a sector of business, and may actually hamper players from receiving the best odds, promotions and overall gambling experience. Analysts also state that enforcing regulations on foreign companies takes large investments of time, staff, and facilities. It also increases raising the risk of retaliation of other countries, and causing local players to resent the government for blocking their participation in a hobby.