PokerStars Hits 65 Billion Hands

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online poker room PokerStars has dealt out more than 65 billion hands, and one lucky player was recently rewarded for winning the 65 billionth pot.

Christopher Small who hails from Christchurch, New Zealand won the hand on Sunday, and was shocked to learn he was involved in the milestone hand. "I was 24-tabling and saw the popup telling me I was involved in the 65th billionth hand. I had ace-king when I looked at the table. My reaction was one of 'this must be a dream.' I couldn't believe it." said Small.

Playing at a $.10/$.25 six-max no-limit Texas Hold'em table, saw himself collect the wining total of $68,420 while he was playing 23 additional tables simultaneously. Other players at the table won at least $1,710 each.

The milestone hand was part of the PokerStars Mega Milestone promotion that was rewarding players on the site for the past few weeks as the hands grew closer to 65 billion played. In total the promotion paid $770,588.88 to 1,600 players over 301 hands.