Openbet Teams Up With Experian

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Soon online casino operators who are using the Openbet gambling platform will have better security provided to them, as Openbet has reached an agreement with credit information giant Experian.

Under the agreement, Experian's services will provide additional player verification and anti-fraud protection to Openbet's gambling platform, allowing operators to check the identities of players as well as verify payment details in real time.

The move is aimed to reduce the crime of identity fraud, as well as block out underage gambling and other illegal activities such as money laundering. The software is to be built into Openbet's platform, making it easy for operators to take advantage of.

David Loveday, Chief Executive at Openbet said, "The integration of Experian’s real-time identity and fraud tools into the OpenBet platform will simplify operators’ business processes and make a considerable difference to their overall performance."

Nick Mothershaw, Director of Identity and Fraud Operations with Experian believes that his company's service will make a big impact in validating player identities saying, "By working with OpenBet, we look forward to making a significant contribution to combating validation issues in gaming. The main cause of failed customer signups across the gaming industry is the length of time and margin for error that occurs during player verification. An efficient identification process is essential for maximising the level of trust in customer transactions.”

Experian was founded in 1980 in Nottingham, England and stands as one of the largest credit information groups in the world with over 15,000 employees and functioning operations in over 35 countries.