Brunson Says Lederer Paid Him Full Tilt Money

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Professional poker player Todd Brunson created a stir on Tuesday when he took to his Twitter account to announce some interesting news.

According to Mr. Brunson's Twitter account, he told fellow professional poker player Howard Lederer that he had money locked up in Full Tilt Poker (Howard Lederer is one of the founders and co-owners of Tiltware Inc. which owns Full Tilt Poker). Upon hearing this, Mr. Lederer reportedly led Mr. Brunson to a car, opened the trunk and paid $150,000 in cash to Mr. Brunson. The tweet also included a picture of the two men together.

The official tweets appeared as this:

"Look who I just ran into.. I told him the wsop killed me and I was cash short……"

"He asked how much I had on tilt and I told him 150k.. He said come with me. We went to his car and he opened his trunk and paid me!!!!!!"

As of this time, no further comment had been made by Mr. Brunson, and no comment had been made from Mr. Lederer.