BetonSports Players Finally Being Paid

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Six years after the fact, players who had placed bets on BetonSports are finally being paid a portion of the money they had in their accounts.

Players posting on wagering forums via the internet have reported that they are receiving payments from liquidators. The money paid out will not be in full, but only 4.6% of the money they had in their accounts after the gambling service collapsed abruptly and at one time had tens of thousands of dollars and a presence in various types of American media.

BetonSports woes began when its Chief Executive David Carruthers was arrested while traveling through the United States. Others in the company were prosecuted, including founder Gary Kaplan. Quickly, the company's offices were abandoned, and BetonSports employees were left unemployed in the wake of the collapse.

In related news, a Pennsylvania grand jury claims to believe that BetonSports had payment processing links to magazine publisher Don Hellinger, meaning that more legal action could be possible.