Bet Jamaica, TheGreek Close Doors

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Today two renowned sportsbooks shut their doors to U.S. players, giving no specific reason as to why they were closing shop., a well respected sports betting site today closed their business to American players. In a statement on its website, players were informed of the closure and notified that their accounts had been transferred to fellow sports betting site Heritage. Players with outstanding balances are welcomed to play or withdraw at Heritage. It has been speculated that harsh gambling conditions in the United States led to the closure of the sites.

A spokesperson for the site said, "Players with balances are free to play or withdraw their funds from Heritage as if accounts were still at The Greek or Bet Jamaica. "Players will be asked to acknowledge the account transfer to Heritage when they log in to their accounts."

News of's closure was preceded by the announcement of closure by, which in turn referred accounts to TheGreek and Heritage. Closure of the sites has come as a shock to players, as they were seen to be reliable junctures for players to bet on sports. has been in operation for 8 years.