Fantasy Sports lobbyist wants to "play defense, particularly in protecting online wagering."

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Travis McCoy has become the first registered lobbyist for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) reports Roll Call, a Washington DC-based news service focusing on Capitol Hill. McCoy has big plans and intends to tackle states such as Maryland, Montana, Washington and Louisiana who make it difficult for their residents to play fantasy sports even though the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 provides a carve-out for this type of activity.

"The FSTA saw an opportunity and wanted to open up these states and markets for their members to bring in more jobs, create more tax revenue," said McCoy. "We're going to go into those states to make sure people can have fun and enjoy their games."

The association launched in 1999, represents the interests of fantasy sports firms and their players including CBSSports, Yahoo and ESPN.

Source: InfoPowa News