East Timor Gets A New Mobile Gaming Option

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Residents of East Timor in Southeast Asia are getting a new mobile gaming option. PhilWeb Corporation, headquartered in the Philippines was recently given a license that allows the company to operate mobile based gambling games in the island nation of just over a million people.

The company's license, which is already in effect will allow them to develop and operate games using the brand Gold Mobile. A variety of games are to be available to the public including text message instant win games.

PhilWeb President Dennis Vales sees this license as a large milestone for his company's goals of expanding throughout the Asia Pacific region; an expansion that has met with great success. "As previously noted, we have signed joint venture agreements with partners in Cambodia, Laos, Guam and Palau, countries where we have now set up subsidiaries to start up business. We are also actively narrowing our search for partners in Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and in other countries in the region. This year will be a banner year for PhilWeb's Asia Pacific division, as it expands the company's business into markets beyond our Philippine borders."