The collateral damage caused by Black Friday could be good news for a Canadian company

This story was published more than 13 years ago.

In the wake of Black Friday several television show promotions were cancelled by major companies impacted by the federal indictments, but as is usually the way in business, there are always others keen to fill the vacuum.

A corporate statement this week from the Canadian company Heads Up Entertainment International identified it as one such competitor, revealing that it has consolidated its poker operations into a separate division that includes the Canadian Poker Tour, Canadian Poker Player Magazine, and the Canadian Poker Player Television Network interests of HEI.

The company is in the process of recruiting a president for the new division, the company statement announced, with HEI chief exec, Kelly B. Kellner, adding:

"As the result of recent expansion, new market opportunities and potential interest from acquirers we have decided it would be in the best interests of the company and its shareholders to consolidate all poker operations into one unit.

"We have begun to actively recruit a president for that division who not only understands the industry but shares the passion we all embrace at HeadsUp. We anticipate announcing the successful candidate for this position in the next two weeks."

Kellner says that HEI has entered into an agreement with World Poker Showdown, an American firm, to further its ambitions.

"The partnership between WPS is also positioning itself for the impending legalisation of online poker in the U.S. and we have been developing relationships with land-based casinos throughout North America for this scenario," Kellner concluded.

Source: InfoPowa News