No sportsbetting for Germans on the dole

This story was published more than 13 years ago. reports that a North-Rhine-Westphalia, German court this week ruled that prospective punters on the dole are banned from sports betting. The ruling follows a Cologne tribunal that banned state-lottery Westlotto from taking "heavy bets" from people they know to be living on social security and unemployment benefits.

Westlotto has publicly stated its intention to appeal the ruling made in March this year saying that the ruling "is and remains out of touch with reality" as it would be impossible for Westlotto employees to know whether a punter was on state benefits or not coupled with the fact that no determination has been made on what constitutes a "heavy bet".

Axel Webber, a spokesman for Westlotto said: "To refuse to take a bet simply because of a suspicion would amount to discrimination, according to our reading of the law."

Source: InfoPowa News