Mission accomplished as fed e-cash processor is shut down

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A key element in recent federal prosecutions into online gambling-related banking offences has been a covert e-cash processing company - Linwood Payment Solutions - set up by federal enforcers two years ago to entrap online gambling companies and obtain information on their payment infrastructures.

In the wake of the latest round of prosecutions, the company’s Payment Processing Solutions site has now been closed, probably under a 'mission accomplished' order.

This week the site carried a shutdown notice from its operator - the US Department of Homeland Security Investigations.

The advisory on the site informs visitors that Linwood was an undercover business "...set up to identify and prosecute companies accepting and paying out funds for U.S. customers who gamble online illegally.

"If you have questions regarding funds withdrawn from your bank account for gambling purposes contact the online gambling company you provided your banking information to," the notification advises, perhaps in an attempt to discourage chargebacks from outraged US online gamblers who may have used its facilities.

Source: InfoPowa News