Measure that will prepare the Silver States for legalisation

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Legalised online poker moved a step closer in Nevada Monday when the state Senate approved a measure directing the Nevada Gaming Commission to prepare regulations for the advent of online poker, once federal legislation is passed that specifically makes the pastime legal.

The measure has been making good progress through legislative committees and passed on a 19 - 2 vote, with two Las Vegas senators, Republicans Barbara Cegavske and Elizabeth Halseth, dissenting.

Senator Valerie Wiener, who voted for the proposal, emphasised that Congress first must pass legislation allowing online poker in the United States, or the Justice Department must withdraw its current view that it is illegal.

By adopting the regulations, Nevada would be able to get a head start on other states, she said, noting that the bill had strong support from land gambling companies in the state.

Senator Wiener said that online poker operators would pay the same tax as other games, but the tax would be waived if the federal government were to enact a similar tax.

The measure now goes back to the Assembly.

Source: InfoPowa News