A less than successful first quarter for Intralot

This story was published more than 13 years ago.

On a day in which Athens prosecutors launched fraud charges against managers alleged to be involved in a scam with OPAP, the Greek gaming company Intralot announced a weak set of first quarter 2011 results.

Although consolidated revenues increased by 32% compared to Q1-2010, reaching €300.9 million, and EBITDA grew by 14.6% to €39 million, earnings before taxes (EBT) at €16.2 million were 41.6% lower than the comparative quarter, and earnings after taxes plunged 53.7% to €7 million.

Management reported that the decline was caused by €5.8 million in FX losses.

Nevertheless, the quarter was cash-flow positive as net debt dropped by €2.7 million, despite the front-loaded quarter in terms of Capex.

Reuters reports that revenues for the parent company were shaped at €26.5 million, posting an increase of 1.5% compared to Q1-2010. EBITDA declined by 66.2% to €2.4 million and Earnings After Taxes came in at €100,000.

Commenting on the results, group CEO Constantinos Antonopoulos said: “We are satisfied that we managed to grow our sales and EBITDA during the 1Q of 2011. Moreover, in our FY 2010 results announcement we stressed that from 2011 and onwards we would focus on the improvement of the company’s cash-flow.

"I am very pleased to say that we have accomplished this already in our 1Q 2011 results, as net debt decreased marginally despite a front loaded quarter in terms of Capex. We believe that in the next three quarters of 2011 the improvement will be even greater.

"In the short- and mid-term we will focus on innovation, the exploitation of our existing projects, the liberalization of selected markets, the privatization of lotteries, and the continued improvement of our cash flow generation, so as to increase our shareholders’ value.”

Source: InfoPowa News