Ho Gaming licensees to offer Asia's most popular game

This story was published more than 13 years ago.

Online mahjong software provider, Mahjong Logic Ltd announced a strategic partnership deal with Ho Gaming this week that will realise a combination of live dealer streaming and peer to peer online mahjong.

The deal will allow Ho Gaming licensees to add online mahjong using their existing setup including single sign-on across systems and a seamless wallet.

"HoGaming is dominating the live dealer space worldwide and it is an honor to be associated with them. This now shows the ever growing demand for online mahjong," said Jonas Alm , Mahjong Logic CEO.

"Mahjong Logic allows our company to seamlessly incorporate peer to peer online mahjong which is a game our customers have been asking for. Operating in the Asia region ultimately requires us to offer the region’s most popular game in mahjong. Mahjong Logic gives us instant player liquidity and the confidence in launching this new game for all our operators and their customer base worldwide," said Peter Kjaer and Angela Ho , Founders of Ho Gaming.

Source: InfoPowa News