France-Pari get additional licence

This story was published more than 13 years ago.

Online gaming operator France-Pari announced it will be applying for an ARJEL licence to operate horse race betting in France and confirms that it has developed a horse race betting platform.

The gaming firm's application for an ARJEL licence to operate a sports betting website accessible via the domain name was rejected earlier this year on the grounds that the French translation of "bet-in-cash" means "betting cash" and may be confusing in the mind of the punter as accounts cannot be furnished with cash.

The company reported strong growth in the first quarter of 2011 further announcing it had generated €1.6 million in bets.

France-Pari currently holds ARJEL licences to operate french-pari, coupedumonde-pari, sportnco, and football-pari websites.

Source: InfoPowa News