Greek government agrees revision of reforms in the face of strong political opposition

This story was published more than 13 years ago.

Efforts by the Greek government to liberalise land and online gambling and move away from a monopolised structure dominated by OPAP have reportedly encountered another delay. The Reuters news agency reports that government has had to agree to a revision of its latest proposals after ruling party politicians complained Thursday it could turn the cash-strapped country into a vast casino.

Just last month the government tabled the draft proposals, which it said could raise up to €700 million from new gaming licenses and royalties.

But ruling Socialist party MPs said the law might lead to gaming excesses.

"We should not go towards full deregulation of gaming and gambling," PASOK MP Dimitris Papoutsis told Reuters after Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou presented the draft legislation to members of his party.

Papaconstantinou told lawmakers he would retract the law for further consultation.

When InfoPowa went to press there had been no government comment on the report.

Source: InfoPowa News