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Fancy Bingo joins the growing Mandalay stable

The week is off to a good start for the Mandalay Media group, which launches its latest Dragonfish/888-powered free internet bingo website Monday. Fancy Bingo joins Costa Bingo, Sing Bingo and City Bingo sites in the Mandalay stable, but has a different games mix designed to expand the appeal of the group to a wider audience.

Sector-savvy Richard Skelhorn, who heads up the Mandalay Media group, has emphasised this week that he intends to position his group as the biggest and most successful on the Dragonfish platform. Fancy Bingo was a part of this plan, he said, and would provide more value for money for players experiencing difficult economic constraints.

Fancy Bingo will inaugurate a new 'More Winners' concept, adding more winning lines in order to create five winners instead of the more conventional three in 90 ball bingo games, and a single winner in 75 ball games.

Source: InfoPowa News