Extortion try at Casino-Club

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Ending the week on a low note is an extortion attempt which came to light Friday on the Casinomeister gambling information portal. A poster using the pseudonym Danlee started asking contact questions regarding Casino Club, an online gambling operation in the GVC group of companies operating out of the Isle of Man and focused mainly on the German market.

The impression created was that of a player concerned about being 'cheated', and the poster's profile indicated a German location...and a listing of Casino Club as his least favourite online casino.

Then came the bombshell; a Casino Club representative with a profile indicating he was the managing director of the company posted the following:

"Daniel Liersch

"This individual approached CasinoClub. He is not a player. He asked the company to pay a substantial sum of money to procure our companies data that he has in his possession. This data is our property and appears to have been stolen from us by persons unknown. Unless we pay up he will publicise the stolen data.

"I was given an ultimatum but as we are a PLC company we have to abide by codes of behaviour and we cannot just hand over shareholder's monies in this way. I chose not to use official email addresses as a person demanding money in this way is quite capable of spamming my real address to death.

"My request to Mr Liersch is just to return the data you have to us and help us find the individuals who stole the data from us. Just because others have acted dishonestly it doesnt mean you have to follow their example."

The exact nature of the stolen data in at present unknown, but that final paragraph sounds like good advice, which the would-be extortionist would be wise to follow.

It is not known whether 'Daniel Liersch' has any connection with a German player who was involved in a high-profile wrangle with Casino Club over a disqualified progressive jackpot win in 2009.

Source: InfoPowa News

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Nowadays, extortion is one of the leading means in use to make people fear of someone and worse, to make easy cash. I've heard of this news in Mexico. Five severed heads in a bag were found outside an elementary school in the Garita neighborhood of Acapulco, Mexico. According to BBC News, threatening papers were also discovered by authorities. While the relationship has yet to be verified, the violent act is believed to be linked to recent extortion threats made against teachers. Incident such this is no longer a stranger to these citizens and press but still, this is not a healthy environment to live in. These innocent children education is compromised because of incident like this.