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Dutch banks encouraged to boycott illegal online gambling sites

The new Dutch government's decision to regulate and licence online gambling may have constituted an about turn in policy, but its determination to stamp out unlicensed and illegal sites operating in the Dutch market remains undiminished.

According to reports this week in Dutch News NL, banks in the Netherlands will shortly be given a blacklist of illegal gambling sites with which they should refuse to do business, junior justice minister Fred Teeven disclosed Thursday.

The government hopes banks will refuse to honour credit card transactions made with websites that do not have Dutch licensing and are therefore regarded as illegal.

According to news agency ANP, the list will be sent to banks by the Dutch banking association, but the initiative at this stage gives individual banks the right to comply with the request....or not.

The government is moving quickly on legalisation, and a regulatory and licensing regime is expected to emerge in the near future.

Source: InfoPowa News