Site examines what attracts players to new casinos

The popular online gambling information site Casinomeister is currently running a multi-vote player poll to determine what attracts punters to a new online casino site - a question that is certainly of interest to any operator. Thus far the poll has received an enthusiastic response, with players - mainly experienced online gamblers - casting their votes for a range of possible attractions that are individually appealing to them.

The frustration of US players denied access to many internet gambling websites by operators with a wary eye on US enforcement action is evident in some of the reactions to the poll.

As InfoPowa went to press at the weekend, the poll looked like this:

59.57% placed importance on information from reliable forums;

44.68% favour a good signup matchplay bonus;

29.79% like a No-Deposit signup bonus;

23.40% are influenced by the software platform in use;

21.28% are attracted by a particular game they want to play on;

17.02% lean toward a 25/30/50/x Free Spins offer;

14.89% had unspecified preferences not covered in the poll;

6.38% liked the idea of a defined time or value freeplay promotion.

The good news for newbie operators or companies launching fresh sites is that 31.91% of voters said they frequently try out new internet casinos, although 27.66% were more cautious and said they rarely gave new casinos their money.

Source: InfoPowa News