Online Casino and Gambling News: 2010

Clubs NSW renews attack on Australian online gambling legalisation

As 2010 dawns, land gambling operators in Australia continue to attack the government's Productivity Commission recommendation that online gambling be legalised in the country. In the latest of a series of attacks on the Commission's conclusions, land gaming operators in the state of New South Wales warned the Australian federal government that competition from online casinos, if allowed, could cause hundreds of lost jobs.

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Canadian lawyer plays poker for Cambodian charity

Not long ago InfoPowa highlighted the good works of American professional online poker pro Dusty 'Leatherass' Schmidt, who has riased subtantial funds playing poker for the Transition Project - a charity in Portland. Schmidt is one of a growing number of pokerheads with big hearts who raise money for the less fortunate; Don Cheadle and Annie Duke with their Ante Up for Africa campaign is another great example of what the game can achieve in helping others.

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Chinese government warns gamblers as it "purifies the internet"

The Chinese government used an announcement of Internet pornography prosecution statistics this week as a further opportunity to caution that online pornography, gambling and "...other sites deemed harmful to society" remained its primary targets in the "purification of the Internet."

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