Blue Square justifies Motherwell football match irregular betting claims

The current row over suspicious betting patterns surrounding the issuing of a red card to Motherwell Football Club's Steve Jennings resurfaced over the weekend with UK Media reporting that Blue Square is justifying its report to the authorities after being criticised in the media and has advised the Scottish Premier League that there is extra evidence that has not yet been made public.

Blue Square spokesman, Alan Alger, said: "We don't do things like this lightly. We've investigated the way the bets were placed and after 12 years in the betting industry I know what looks suspicious. We can't release the details because that might jeopardise the investigation. I know people are wanting to rally around the player and the club, but having heard Blue Square being criticised I wanted to say categorically that we wouldn't have taken it this far had we not had extra information, which we have brought to the attention of the Gambling Commission."

Source: InfoPowa News

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