Stryyke executive arraigned for failing to pay €50,000 in winnings

According to media coverage in Malta, the tribulations of recently de-licensed Stryyke Casino and Poker have spilled over into a criminal court case. The reports indicate that a forty-year-old Indian-born German national, Rajiv Giri, has been arraigned in court in his capacity as a director of the company for failing to pay out more than €50,000 in winnings.

During initial proceedings Giri entered not guilty pleas, claiming that the outstanding amount was only €6,000 since the winners did not present proper methods of identification in order to be paid.

Malta police Inspector Maurice Curmi said that while the prosecution was not opposing bail, it was asking for a substantial financial guarantee to ensure that the accused returned to Malta for subsequent proceedings.

Giri was granted bail against a personal guarantee of €20,000 and was given permission to leave the island to travel to other EU countries.

The case follows a series of player allegations that have been posted on a number of major online gambling message boards, and presumably complaints made to the Malta regulator, the LGA, which suspended Stryyke's licensing on September 3rd.

Source: InfoPowa News