Aussie poker jackpot winner's name arouses suspicion

Intriguing the InfoPowa staff over the weekend was a report which appeared in online media announcing a big win for what it described as a "South Australian pub league poker player" on the poker website.

Player Anh-Tuan "...hit 888poker's largest Royal Jackpot in history at over $190,000 playing on a $1/$2 No-Limit Hold'em table, (where) he hit the Royal Flush of Spades," one report noted.

The intriguing bit comes in on the punter's name. On checking the veracity of the story it appears from the Linked-In website that one Anh-Tuan is, or perhaps was, a poker tournament director based in Adelaide, Australia at 888 poker!

Perhaps it was just a remarkable coincidence, or maybe the lucky player had moved on? Regardless, Gareth Edwards, the current Director of Strategy for 888, congratulated Anh-Tuan on his big win, saying: "When we established the jackpot on 888poker we hoped for big wins for the players and we are excited to see our first 190,000-plus jackpot.

"We congratulate Anh-Tuan on his victory and look forward to the next set of big winners and jackpots."

Source: InfoPowa News

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