Betfair stats reveal Norwegians were the best World Cup punters

The international online betting exchange Betfair has published an interesting statistical snapshot (PDF format) of the gambling action during the recently completed FIFA World Cup football championship in South Africa.

The numbers published by Betfair, which has 3 million customers in 170 countries, have to be regarded as a good indication of World Cup betting action overall.

The report showcases the rising importance of in-play betting, which accounted for 49% of all wagers versus 51% of bets placed pre-kick-offs. That's an impressive 38% growth in in-play action since the last World Cup in 2006.

It correlates with a 1,000% increase in mobile phone bets since 2006 - Betfair took 500,000 bets via this medium during the big event.

UK punters alone laid down over £1 billion in bets on the 32 teams competing in the World Cup, but the most successful punters were from Norway (28%), Ireland (27%) and Malaysia (26, despite the massive police drives to eradicate World Cup betting in that country.

The top 5 markets on which gamblers laid bets were:

The World Cup Winner market;
Germany vs. Spain;
Spain vs. Netherlands;
Uruguay vs. Netherlands;
Germany vs. England.

Source: InfoPowa News

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