Final table quickly reached in $1000 NLHE WSOP event 47

Hopes that Scott Montgomery might achieve a second bracelet at this year's World Series of Poker are diminishing following his bust out of event 47, one of the popular $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em competitions, which reached a final table Tuesday night after three tough days.

3,128 players registered for the event, but that had been reduced to 35 survivors by the start of Day 3 play Tuesday afternoon with Manuel Davidian leading on 889,000, chased by Adam White,

After less than five levels, Davidian was eliminated in 10th spot to form the final table of nine by the close of play Tuesday night. Here are the finalists who will go into a fourth day:

Adam White 1,685,000
Allan Baekke 1,633,000
Shawn Busse 1,203,000
Owen Crowe 1,192,000
Ilya Andreev 985,000
Chuan Shi 894,000
Jason Mann 893,000
Pekka Ikonen 626,000
Wenlong Jin 292,000

Mihai Manole on 950,000 was leading the field in event 49 - the $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em competition late Tuesday night as Day 2 neared completion.

Tuesday's action started with only 290 players left from the first day's 2,543 starters - a remarkable attrition rate of around four eliminations every minute. With the money bubble only twenty eliminations away, the competition was enhanced as players struggled to stay in the field.

Giuseppe Zarbo was leading the charge in pursuit of the main prize of $609,493 as Day 1 ended.

By late night Tuesday Day 2 contestants were still battling away, with the field down to 33 survivors by level 20, and average chip stacks around 346,772.

Event 50, the $5,000 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha competition was still very lively Tuesday night as Robert Mizrachi on 435,000 fought to retain the chip lead over the 47 players left in the running.

Earlier in the day, 172 survivors from an original field of 460 had gathered at the start of Day 2 action, with Kevin Schaffel in the lead, having eliminated Scotty Nguyen.

Ryan D'Angelo is Mizrachi's nearest rival on 380,000 at level 17 in the event.

This year's entry field for event 51, the $3,000 buy-in Triple Chance No-Limit Hold'em contest saw an increase of 111 over last year's equivalent as 965 players took their seats Tuesday afternoon.

With only six more events left in this year's 41st World Series of Poker, the chances of players like Tom Dwan winning a bracelet and some big money in side bets are diminishing, as are those for players like Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey who would like to increase their WSOP jewellery collections.

The format for the event involves each player starting with a stack of 3,000 chips and two "rebuy lammers". The rebuy lammers are each worth an additional 3,000 chips and can be taken before the start of any hand at any point through the first four levels. At the end of Level 4, all unredeemed rebuy lammers are automatically swapped for tournament chips.

Seen among the Day 1 entrants were Jeff Shulman, Hevad Khan, Allen Kessler, Theo Tran, Gavin Griffin, Dutch Boyd, Sorel Mizzi, Phil Ivey and James Dempsey.

By the completion of Day 1 play at level 10 Tuesday night only 189 survivors bagged their chips, with the biggest bag held by Tommy Vedes on 237,000 with David Singer in hot pursuit on 204,100.

First day casualties included double-bracelet winner Frank Kassela, David Williams, Gavin Smith, Vanesssa Rousso, David Steicke and Chino Rheem.

Source: InfoPowa News