Film student hits Win A Day progressive jackpot for $200k

This week was a lucky one for a film student who logged in to 3D online casino WinADay to kill some time with a little gambling recreation.and hit a $200,859 jackpot! The anonymous student wagered on the video poker game Jack's Show: "I was just killing time taking my mind off my studies for a bit when suddenly, out of the blue, I hit the big one!" he told casino managers.

"I'll probably blow some of this win on party celebrations but I'm going to invest most of it in a film project I've wanted to do for a long time."

Casino manager Michael Hilary said the win is the second highest yet at WinADay, the largest being the $223,420 jackpot won by a retired widower playing the Reel De Luxe slot machine in March.

Source: InfoPowa News

Ed's note: you can see our Win A Day progressive jackpot tracker here

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