Irish lottery ticket sales down €40 million in 2009

The news that Irish lottery ticket sales declined significantly last (2009) year is perhaps an indication of the hard economic times punters have been experiencing. Sales dropped €40 million to €815.1 million as cash-strapped punters stopped buying Lotto tickets - a drop of 11.4% drop in overall sales.

Chief executive Dermot Griffin waived his performance bonus, but media reports indicate that staff numbers rose during 2009, from 92 to 99 people - mostly in administration. Payroll costs consequently rose by more than €300,000 to €7.8 million.

Breaking down the numbers, scratch card revenue declined by €7 million to €163.7 million, and EuroMillions game sales were down €2 million - a Dublin resident won €29 million, Ireland's second biggest EuroMillions prize yet.

The All Or Nothing daily game proved popular, gnerating €3.4 million in less than three months after launching in October 2009, whilst Tellybingo sales were up 2.5% to €14.3 million.

Management noted that online operations had performed well, generating €744,000 from 6,000 online punters, and revealed that there are plans to introduce more internet games.

Winners accounted for a total of €438 million throughout 2009.

Source: InfoPowa News