Shane Warne in trouble again....this time with the church

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

The former Australian cricket star Shane Warne, who since 2008 has represented 888's online poker interests at poker events around the world, has been criticised for using his Twitter page to promote online gambling.

The vociferous Australian anti-gambling campaigner Reverend Tim Costello said that children and the youth could be adversely influenced by Warne's actions after it was reported in the Australian media that he had used his Twitter account to make promotional offers to his 47,000 followers.

"Sporting heroes do carry a responsibility to ensure that kids who idolise them are protected from things that aren't appropriate for their age," Costello said. "Most of us forget that you put something out there and people under age are also reading," he added.

According to the Herald Sun newspaper, Warne (40) tweeted on April 11 that followers could get $8 free poker money if they signed up for 888 poker. "All my followers get free 8 dollars poker money by signing up here," he wrote, including a link to the online gambling website.

Source: InfoPowa News

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