Superbowl Sunday good for Vegas bookies with most bets on the Colts

This story was published more than 10 years ago.

The Superbowl NFL clash won by the New Orleans Saints Sunday was good for Vegas sports betting business according to early estimates of the wagering action. The American football epic was watched by a national television audience that topped 106-million viewers this year, and drew a gratifyingly large amount of Super Bowl betting. The win over the Indianapolis Colts was good for bookies, as up to 65% of wagers were reportedly on the Colts

One bookie summed up the situation, saying: "I think the outcome was pretty good. The public tends to bet the favourite (in this case the Colts by 5 points) and the over (total points scored by both teams). The under helped us. There was a lot of money on the over - up to 80%. I think most places had a fair win."

Big money was additionally made on prop bet wagers because almost 75% of bettors picked "yes" on yes/no props and "over" on over/unders, said another betting expert. Most of the prop bets went "no" and "under".

Source: InfoPowa News