Indian online gambling market could reach $5 billion

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

The Indian publication Tech2 estimates that the Internet gambling market in that country could be worth up to $5 billion in revenues as the market and Internet penetration grows.

Pointing out that gambling has always been a part of Indian culture dating back to 1500 BC, Tech2 reports that today cards, dice and the board have been replaced by PCs and the internet, with more than 2,000 small poker tournaments a week reportedly taking place - mainly in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

India now has 81 million Internet users of which nearly 75% are from the four main cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Men within the age group 18-35 still constitute 76% of all users, and 52% of all users are active ecommerce participants who spent an average of $2,100 for online transactions in 2009.

Tech2 explains its arithmetic, basing its assumptions on Internet gambler target demographics of:

Age 18-35-(76% of all users), Male (86% of all users), Active Ecommerce User (Spending $2,500 a year), Bachelor Degree (90% of all users)

This equates to 4+ million potential users and, it is assumed that they will deposit an average of $250 a year, generating a potential market size of $1 billion.

The publication reports that India's illegal betting market, which currently wagers on International sports books and other casino sites is more than likely to generate at least 10% (i.e. $4 Billion) with local operators when online gambling is regulated. The first official licensing will be in the province of Sikkim.

Source: InfoPowa News