NFL softens anti-gambling advertising stance

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

In what is being interpreted as another sign that America's major sports leagues may be taking a softer approach to the US gambling industry, the National Football League has announced that tourist destinations that licence gambling such as Las Vegas and Reno will soon be allowed to advertise at NFL games, including the next Super Bowl.

Last week a senior NBA executive, David Stern said during a Sports Illustrated interview that legalised sports betting in the United States could be a "huge opportunity," setting the stage for a closer relationship between reputable sports betting and the NBA.

The NFL has long opposed gambling and the promotion of gambling, even that which advertised tourist destinations like Las Vegas. Its agreement last week to a trial from January 4 to February 28 is being interpreted as a significant move away from the total blocking policy of the past.

NFL spokesmen said that the body would take a final decision following the trial on whether to extend the new rules into next season or revert to banning such advertisements. Under the modified policy, television ads for specific hotels, casinos and other institutions that allow gambling will still be forbidden and commercials must not contain any gambling references or imagery, reports the Associated Press news agency.

Source: InfoPowa News