I.T. team and a Welsh couple reported as EuroMillions lottery winners

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

Camelot, the operator of the UK lottery, has announced that the holders of the two winning tickets - each worth £45.5 million - in Friday's EuroMillions draw will be introduced to the media in London on Tuesday.

Although the identities of the parties remain secret until the presentation, Reuters reports that the lottery organisers have revealed that the prize will be split between a married couple from Newport, South Wales and a group of Hewlett Packard IT workers from Liverpool who picked the winning numbers as a syndicate. It is not known how many were in the syndicate.

The two ticket holders will each pick up £45.5 million after matching the winning numbers, which were 11, 19, 34, 43 and 45 and the Lucky Numbers five and nine.

Jackpot winners must pick all five main numbers and the two extra numbers. Each ticket costs £2.

A source at the HP support centre in Liverpool said that some of the syndicate members has received a wonderful surprise on arriving at work Monday. "Some of them went to work this morning not actually knowing anything about it. Someone from Camelot turned up and whisked them away," the source said.

The holders of the winning tickets have to pass security checks before meeting with a private banker who handles the money transfer and advisers who discuss how to deal with their new-found wealth.

Around 25% of winners opt for publicity with the rest staying anonymous.

Source: InfoPowa News