Ukrainian operators continue despite gambling ban

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

The ban on gambling in the Ukraine, which has followed similarly draconian moves by the Russian government, has seriously damaged the industry in that country, but gambling operators are finding Internet-based workarounds in order to survive.

The idea is not new; following the implementation of the Russian ban in July this year, gambling operators in that country found new ways to continue offering what are reported to be popular gambling facilities.

The Kyiv Post reported this week that operators are increasingly turning to the Internet, using servers outside the Ukraine, to continue offering their services to Ukrainians.

However, there are fears that thwarting the government ban may result in further legislation being passed which might emulate moves elsewhere in the world to either attack the financial structures underpinning Internet transactions, or even impose ISP blocks.

Either way, it appears that further legislative fireworks are likely in Eastern Europe, where some nations have embraced Internet gambling but others take a contrary view.

Source: InfoPowa News