Leisure and Gaming reports positive EBITDA, double in wagering

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

The Leisure and Gaming plc offline and online gambling group has posted another positive quarter, heartening investors after some difficult times. The company announced this week that amounts wagered had more than doubled to €27 million (2008 Q3: €13.3 million), and that EBITDA had at last turned positive at €100,000.

Sportsbetting was the star when it came to a breakdown of quarter 3 contributions, bringing in wagers worth €16.4 million (Q3,2008: €12.7 million) - a 29% improvement that generated a net win up 8% at €2.8 million. The company experienced the same problems as other bookie firms - lower sports margins as a result of a string of favourites winning.

The news was less pleasing on the casino products, where amounts wagered plunged over 30% to €3.8 million, generating anet win of only €200,000, or half that of the comparable quarter in 2008. The company also reported a slide in amounts wagered on lotteries and skill games, which came in at €500,000 (Q3,2008: €600,000) with net win at €100,000, again half that of the preceding year's third quarter.

Poker delivered a positive performance, providing €10.3 million worth of business from which the overall net win went up 44% to €4.6 million.

Chief executive officer Richard Creed commented that the third quarter was traditionally a quiet period in the industry, but that the company had in any case improved on last year's performance as it diversified in both geographic effort and products. He said that business volumes had been excellent, with active customer numbers at a record high.

"The fourth quarter is the busiest of the year and we start the season with an expanded number of partners. Poker activity through July and August, which is a quiet business period, was encouraging with volumes remaining high, providing a reliable contribution to profits. This trend has continued in September," Creed observed, anticipating a brisk fourth quarter.

Source: InfoPowa News