10,000 online punters sign Right2Bet European gambling liberalisation petition

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

Right2Bet, the campaign for the liberalisation of online gambling in the E.U., has reached the 10,000 signature mark in its quest to gain a million supporters for its cause. The campaign has been gathering pace since August, riding on the high mainstream media coverage the issue of online gambling regulation has achieved around the world.

In a statement this week, the campaign highlighted events involving other industries and personalities in Europe, comparing these with the penchant for several EU nations to protect their gambling monopolies in defiance of EU treaties and principles. The statement also points to France as just one country slowly changing its policies away from a monopolistic system.

The Right2Bet campaign continues both online and off, with the Right2bet team of models visiting cities and magazines all over Europe to generate publicity for the petition. There is also a regularly updated Facebook page and twitter feed, as well as the petition itself.

Source: InfoPowa News