Rome Casino and the case of the missing wild symbols

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

Alarming reports are accumulating across several Internet gambling message boards regarding what appears to be mysteriously missing Wild symbols on Top Game-powered video slots offered at Rome Casino.

Apparently the Wilds went AWOL instead of appearing on reels 1 and 5 in games like Diablo 13, Wild Sevens and Dougies Delights, creating a potential for prejudice among players using these games and rendering it virtual impossible for them to win.

Rome Casino managers were warned about the missing symbols, which help to build winning combinations, after several webmasters had played and confirmed the player complaints.

There are reports that Rome Casino officials claimed to have taken the affected games off the Internet and fixed the fault, but that these claims later proved to be false.

No public and official explanation has yet been offered by either Top Game or Rome Casino, and it is unknown whether the flaw has impacted the same games carried on a number of otherTop Game online casinos.

Major player and affiliate information portals like Casinomeister and the GPWA are currently carrying ongoing discussions on the issue, urging both Top Gaming and Rome Casino to come forward and explain what caused the flaw and how it is being addresses, particularly in relation to players who used the games with knowing that they had no chance of winning.

Source: InfoPowa News

Update: A Topgame spokesman issued the following statement confirming these claims, and offering to make restitution to affected players.

To all concerned

Please once again accept our sincere apology for this whole issue. We apologize to the players and to our operators, its affiliates and to all members of the forum.

As a platform software supplier, we never had any intention to mislead or to create a scenario where a player could not win the Jackpot. We know the industry well and as a new provider, understand more than most the importance of credibility and transparency.

There is currently a lot of confusion related to the games in question as the games were pulled and put back on the same day, except for the jackpot games where the glitch is and that the wilds did not appear in the lines correctly. Please understand that in the rest of the non Jackpot games the wilds in line 1 and 5 are not relevant at all and only reflect in the Jackpot game which is currently being repaired. The game will be returned as soon as possible for players to enjoy. I want to also ensure players that the current payout is at 96.7% reflecting a very decent and above average payout percentage.

We are also currently in the process being tested by TST and will share the outcome very soon. Certificates will be posted on all operator websites.

As a final goodwill gesture, Topgame offers all players concerned a return of all deposits and where we believe the players were compromised, a 100% return and some goodwill comps. Our technical team will in the next days proceed with the refunds on a player by player basis.

Also note that I personally only represent Topgame and not Rome or any other of our current Casinos.

Please once more accept our true and sincere apology for the software bug, also for the slow response but promise to stand by our operators and players 100%.

Contact me personally at [email protected] related to any query.


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