Ukrainian president to discuss 'temporary' gambling ban

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Last week's demonstrations by gambling operators protesting the unilateral parliamentary ban on all gambling in the Ukraine seem to have had the desired effect, with President Viktor Yuschenko stepping in to calm the situation.

Interfax news agency reports that the president has not yet signed the bill into law, and before doing so he has undertaken to discuss the matter further with representatives from the gambling industry. And the president brought new hope to gambling executives by referring to the ban as "temporary" in promising to forward the industry's proposals back to parliament for further consideration.

"I have four days to take a decision," Yuschenko said, adding that the legislation passed last week by the Verkhovna Rada was populist. He noted that he could have vetoed the law, but opined that this will not produce a lasting result.

"If I veto (the law), parliament will override the veto next day," the head of state said, inviting indiustry officials to communicate with him and suggest alternative proposals.

Source: InfoPowa News