Texas poker bill languishes without Governor's support

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

According to reports in the Austin American-Statesman, a bill seeking to legalise Texas poker proposed by San Antonio Democrat Representative Jose Menendez may not be approved this time around - the third failure of such a proposal to make it through the legislative system.

The reason appears to be doubts that Republican governor Rick Perry would be prepared to sign the measure into law even if it was approved by the Legislature.

The HB222 Texas' Poker Gaming Act of 2009 was reintroduced last November by Menendez and passed out of the House committee that oversees gambling issues in April by a vote of 6-3.

And there it has languished. The Austin American-Statesman reported Friday: "Rep. Jose Menendez....said at midday he won't push for action unless GOP Gov. Rick Perry signals he'd sign such a plan into law."

That was followed by a spokesman for the governor advising that Perry was not in favor of the bill.

"For the third session in a row, I think poker's dead," Menendez was quoted as saying.

Source: InfoPowa News