Six figure jackpot win for Bond girl

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Another online gambler has found entertainment and wealth at Slotland subsidiary WinADay this week with the third six-figure win at the online gambling casino. Bondgirl07 was initially introduced to the free games at the online casino by a friend, moving on to play for real money as she became more comfortable in the online gambling environment.

On the night of her big win, Bondgirl started with the Jack's Show video poker game and then moved on to Heavenly Reels, a four payline slot machine with a special accumulating bonus, but her lucky streak started when she switched to Wheeler Dealer, a 9-wheel, 8-payline slot machine.

"My first spin on Wheeler Dealer gave me three gold bars so I knew that this was the game to play tonight," she recalls. "I stayed with Wheeler Dealer for an hour, slowly seeing a rise in my cash. After fifteen more minutes though, I wasn't getting many hits and had almost given up. Boy was I surprised when I got three cash symbols! I couldn't believe it -- I had won $100,224!"

This is the third six-figure jackpot at WinADay so far this year and the second to be won on the Wheeler Dealer slot machine. In January, Monica68 won $148,724 while playing the same game. Then in March, "123jaki" won $159,660 on the single-payline Slot-O-Matic.

Source: InfoPowa News

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