Probability launches Trivial Pursuit mobile slot

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

The London-listed mobile gambling provider Probability plc has launched the first of its themed video slot games under its four-game licence from Hasbro International obtained earlier this year. The slot is based on the popular Q&A game Trivial Pursuit, CEO Charles Cohen revealed in a statement from the company.

"This game really breaks new ground and gives players something they've never had before - a quiz game inside a slot machine that doubles their chances in the bonus round," Cohen said. "We have worked closely with the Trivial Pursuit board game designers to create this feature and ensure that it gives players a true 'Triv' experience whilst remaining a compelling and enjoyable slot game."

The five-reel multi-line game includes a bonus feature where players are asked a Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition question, which if answered correctly will boost the players' chances of winning up to £1,550, Probability said.

In January his year Probability announced the acquisition of a Hasbro licence to develop and market mobile cash games based on Trivial Pursuit, Subbuteo, Connect Four and Battleship.

The company appears to be weathering the recession reasonably well, according to its recently posted first quarter 2009 results. Unaudited NGR in the period reached £1,126,543. Revenues for 2008/9 soared 60% over the previous full year to £5,056,236. The company registered 49,506 new customers during Q1,2009, taking the total number of new customers registered during the accounting year to 248,667.

The company has a distribution agreement with mFuse Limited and in addition to the Hasbro licencence it has similar agreements with Paramount Digital for its "Grease" themed mobile slot, and a more recent deal with Freemantle Media for brands like "The X-Factor" and "The Price is Right".

At the end of April 2009, Cohen said: "Since the start of March we have experienced a strong upswing in customer activity, both in terms of utilisation and new customer registrations, spearheaded by the launch of 'Grease' slots across all networks and to our total player base of over 400,000 customers. This game was an immediate hit, taking over 2,000,000 individual bets by new and existing players in the first month alone."

Source: InfoPowa News