Menendez poker bill withdrawn from Texas legislature

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

Fears that gambling measures would run out of time in the Texas legislature were realised this week when it was revealed that these were among dozens of proposals that the state House of Representatives would not have time to consider in a calendar that already stretches to 28 pages.

The proposal to change the state constitution to legalise casino gambling was the first casualty, with sponsors taking it off this session's work program after failing to reach the necessary 100 votes to progress further.

And a bill proposing the legalisation of poker authored by San Antonio Representative Jose Menendez was pulled when he was told that even if passed, the measure would not be signed by Governor Rick Perry.

"Sometimes you flush goodwill if you put a dead bill out on the floor," Menendez said, explaining his decision to withdraw the measure without debate.

Source: InfoPowa News