Innovative Bingo-roulette combo game from Tombola

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

The UK online bingo operator Tombola launched its innovative Bingo Roulette! game earlier this month, and reports that the game is already enjoying player popularity.

Bingo Roulette! has paid out over £125,000 in jackpot prizes in its first two weeks of public operation, the company reports, with demand for the game prompting Tombola to open a fourth player room.

The game works by buying a set of eight chips which are placed on a roulette table. Each time a number is called that matches a number on the table where the player's chip sits, it is removed from the table. First to clear their chips from the table wins. The exclusive Bingo Roulette! compliments Tombola's suite of established games, such as bingo 90, bingo 80, bingo 75 and bingo Lite, along with Cinco, Hamster Race, bandit!, Battleships and Roller-Coaster.

"Bingo Roulette has been a huge hit and we've paid out over £125,000 in jackpot prizes in the first two weeks, which has created a huge buzz among the players, said Dawn Clayton, Marketing Manager at the company. "We've spent a long time developing this game to get it just right so it's great to see how much our players love it!"

Source: InfoPowa News