Gambling Malaysian grandmas plead for leniency

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Twelve Malaysian grandmothers, most over the age of 60, provided an amusing moment in a Malaysian magistrate's court this week when they pleaded guilty to illegal gambling on Chinese poker games, but asked for discounts to a lighter sentence due to their senior citizen status.

Low Siew Ley (50) Ng Ah Moi (59) Chua Ah Siow (59) Lee Chai Lay (54) Low Siok Lui (60) Chu Ah Moy, Kuan Ah Moy (61) Kee Bak Lim (61) Siaw Moi (62) Leong Kwai Lan (65) Eng Su Giam (69) and Kan Po Choo (70) were charged with committing the offence at a location in Jalan Harimau Tarum, reports the Malaysian newspaper The Star.

They were charged with playing Chinese poker with bets amounting to RM135 ($38 U.S.), using Chinese Seo Sip cards.

Magistrate Fuad Abdul Aziz said: “Since the youngest accused is 50, I will consider a lighter sentence,” before handing down a RM 500 ($143) fine each or a one-week imprisonment in lieu of the fine.

The seniors all paid the fine, grateful to avoid a possible penalty of up to RM 5,000 ($1430) or jailed up to six months, or both in terms of the Open Gambling House Act.

Source: InfoPowa News