Florida legislators suggest research on implications of Internet poker

This story was published more than 14 years ago.

Savvy political observers in Florida last week were suggesting that the Bill to watch is HB 425, a regulatory proposal which easily passed through the legislature and contains an interesting provision that could portend future attempts to legalise internet poker in the sunshine state.

The provision creating ripples of excitement requires the legislature's policy research arm to complete a study into the implications and impact of Internet poker on Florida's physical or 'land' poker rooms.

Supported by lobbyists from American Poker Ventures LLC, the measure sets a deadline of December 1st for the policy research department to submit it's report, which is to consider what laws may be necessary to afford protection and overcome any problems associated with what it refers to as "existing and unregulated poker activities."

The management of Californian-registered American Poker Ventures includes political consultant Jim Tabilio, who also serves as president of Poker Voters of America, a national grassroots group dedicated to "protecting the rights of American poker players by educating elected officials, the media and opinion makers about the impact on poker players of current and pending legislation at state and federal levels."

Source: InfoPowa News