Another Aussie wins millions with old lottery ticket

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Earlier this week InfoPowa reported on the case of an Australian grandmother who managed to claim a A$2 million lottery prize after finding a four-year-old Powerball ticket during a clean-out. Days later, Australia produced yet another heart-warming story of an even bigger lottery win on an old ticket.

This time it was a university student in Perth, who was given a lottery ticket by her father 10 months ago but had not checked it.

Worried about her family's financial position, the student found the old ticket in a pile of papers and took it to a local store to be checked and found she had won A$ 13,185,273, with just 2 months to go before the LotteryWest ticket expired!

"I woke up this morning worried about our finances," the woman told LotteryWest, the official state lottery for Western Australia. "Something made me think to check the tickets and I thought that if I win something, then I could help mum and dad out."

The winning ticket, entered in a A$50-million Oz Lotto jackpot draw on July 22, 2008, cost A$8.70.

Source: InfoPowa News