Nordic odds maker Betting Promotions reports successful quarter

This story was published more than 15 years ago.

Joining the trend of online gambling corporates that seem to be successfully surviving the weak world economic conditions, Betting Promotions has announced a set of Q.1,2009 results that includes an impressive increase in net turnover after expenses of some 80%.

The company, which furnishes odds for a number of leading betting exchange companies, recently underwent a restructuring process which has clearly contributed towards its first quarter success. Among the pruned assets in the restructure was Betting Promotion's shareholding in the skill gaming enterprise GamingVillage, which it reduced by a third, selling the shares to Key-Quest Ltd for SEK12.9 million in December 2008. There are plans to sell the rest of BP's interest in GameVillage in the months ahead when the right deal can be agreed.

The headline numbers to some extent obscure the actual decline in overall turnover during the quarter, which dropped 37% to SEK 2.2 billion, a situation brought about by the shedding of certain products. However the reduced liability delivered an after expenses rise of 80% over the same quarter in 2008, to SEK 19.6%.

Gross margin increased to 0.87% (Q.1,2008: 0.3%), and the company paid SEK 3 million in trading fees to betting exchanges. Football provided the lion's share of the company's action at 68%, with in-running betting making up a fifth of that.

Source: InfoPowa News